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Coronavirus 360 is a special 24-hour info stream on RADIO.COM established to get updated info to Charlotte area residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.  You'll hear information about local Charlotte area topics and events as contributed by WBT News Talk 1110AM /99.3 FM, WFNZ and 107.9 The Link about a variety of topics from business closings to health updates.

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Hispanic Residents Facing Highest COVID-19 Fatality Rates in America's Third-Largest County

The Hispanic population in the third-largest county in the United States is facing disproportionate fatality rates due to the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic communities is not unique to Texas, and can be seen across the US.
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Where Does Your State Fall on the COVID-19 Test Positivity List?

If you’re curious about what your chances are of getting COVID-19 based on where you live in the U.S., here are the rates of positive coronavirus tests in each state.
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40 Test Positive for COVID-19 Amid Outbreak at University's Fraternity Row

USC’s fraternities are being hit hard by a significant number of the cases associated with four fraternity houses, the chief student health officer Sarah Van Orman tells KNX.
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Woman Who Destroyed Target Face Mask Display Says Husband Filed for Divorce

A woman who posted a video of herself destroying a mask display at a Target in Arizona is opening up about her regrets. She says the outburst was followed by a stay at a mental health facility. Read more now.
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Dunkin' Will Require Customers to Wear Face Masks Starting August 5

Dunkin’ will require customers to wear face coverings inside its outlets beginning August 5, the donut chain announced in a new public statement.
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$600-a-Week Unemployment Benefits Expire With No New Stimulus Deal

Coronavirus relief for jobless workers officially expires today — but a new stimulus package is still a ways off. The weekly $600 unemployment benefits passed in March’s CARES Act officially end on Friday.
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Brad Pitt's Emmy Nomination for 'SNL' Impersonation Is 'Surrealistic,' Fauci Says

Dr. Anthony Fauci congratulated Brad Pitt for his impersonation during a cold read on ‘SNL’ that scored him an Emmy nod, but he isn’t letting it derail him from the task at hand: the coronavirus pandemic. Read more now.
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'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Shares COVID-19 Recovery: 'I Was One of the Lucky Ones'

Actor Bryan Cranston shared that he has recovered from a mild case of coronavirus. The “Breaking Bad” star took to Instagram to share the process for plasma donation, and urged his followers to adhere to social distancing measures. Watch the video!
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Learning Hubs Seek to Stop Low-Income Kids From Falling Behind

With school starting for some public school districts in less than two weeks, nonprofit groups are forming learning ‘hubs’ to keep the achievement gap from growing even wider.
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IRS Urged to Expedite Delivery of Stimulus Checks As Millions Still Haven’t Received Payments

While lawmakers are currently negotiating a second round of stimulus checks, many Americans have yet to still receive their first payment. The IRS is now being urged to expedite the delivery of the checks to Americans in need.
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