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Coronavirus 360 is a special 24-hour info stream on RADIO.COM established to get updated info to Charlotte area residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.  You'll hear information about local Charlotte area topics and events as contributed by WBT News Talk 1110AM /99.3 FM, WFNZ and 107.9 The Link about a variety of topics from business closings to health updates.

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Woman Chooses Not to Visit Husband Dying of Coronavirus to Save Masks for Staff

An elderly woman made a tough decision not to visit her dying husband during the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to save protective equipment for staff of the hospital. See the details.
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Doctor's Note to Her Children Resonates With Parents: 'Mommy Tried Really Hard to Do Her Job'

A doctor who is on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic wanted to share a message with her two children. She begins the note with, “If they lose me to COVID.”
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Man Hangs Giant Roll of Toilet Paper From a Tree in Front Yard

A Florida man is trying to bring some levity to all the toilet paper hysteria currently gripping the nation. To do so, Donald Ryan got creative and hung a giant roll of toilet paper from two palm trees in his front yard.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wears 'Don't Be An A–' Shirt to Promote Social Distancing

Arnold Schwarzenegger has some choice words for anyone ignoring the ‘stay at home’ orders: ‘don’t be an a–. Stay inside.’ He’s selling shirts with the message that will benefit those affected by coronavirus. Read more.
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Family Throws Daughter a 'Prom on the Porch' After Dance Canceled by Coronavirus

After the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe cancelled prom and graduation, one family in Texas threw their senior daughter a ‘prom on the porch,’ so she wouldn’t have to miss out on the milestone event. Read more.
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Photographer Stages Adorable ‘Friends’-Themed Shoot with Six Newborns

A Colorado photographer turned her obsession with the classic sitcom “Friends” into the most adorable photoshoot for six newborn babies. She got the idea for the Must-See-TV photo shoot after her good friend became pregnant with twins.
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Couple Married for 51 Years Die of Coronavirus 6 Minutes Apart

A retired Florida couple passed away from coronavirus within six minutes of each other. Married for 51 years, Stuart Baker, 74, and wife Adrian Baker, 72, were said to be in good health prior to contracting COVID-19 in March.
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Husband Surprises Wife for 84th Birthday After Being Separated by Coronavirus Lockdown

A couple of 63 years had a heartwarming reunion after being separated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jerry Lindell’s facility went into lockdown to protect residents, but he made it out in time for his wife’s 84 birthday. Read the story.
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Matthew Broderick's Sister Believes She Got Preferential Coronavirus Treatment

Rector Janet Broderick believes the fact that she’s related to Matthew Broderick scored her preferential treatment while battling coronavirus. Read about her experience with the novel virus and why she believes she was treated differently.
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21-Year-Old Creates Reusable Coronavirus Masks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

A Kentucky college student is using her crafting skills to aid the deaf and hard of hearing community during the coronavirus pandemic. The 21-year-old began creating masks with a clear plastic piece right over the mouth area making the lips visible.
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