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Coronavirus 360 is a special 24-hour info stream on RADIO.COM established to get updated info to Charlotte area residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.  You'll hear information about local Charlotte area topics and events as contributed by WBT News Talk 1110AM /99.3 FM, WFNZ and 107.9 The Link about a variety of topics from business closings to health updates.

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U.S. Pediatricians Urge Schools to Reopen for In-Person Teaching in the Fall

The American Academy of Pediatrics is pushing for schools to reopen with students physically in the classrooms this fall. School districts previously reverted to virtual teaching at the start of the outbreak in March.
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Couple Married for 53 Years Die of COVID-19 While Holding Hands

With new hotspots for COVID-19 happening across the country, a Texas couple who had been married for over 50 years died of the deadly virus.
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Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci Says Drinking at Bars Should Stop ‘Right Now’

As the country sees spikes in coronavirus cases, the risk of contracting COVID-19 has increased in a bar setting, and Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees.
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Tom Hanks Has a Message for People Not Wearing Face Masks: 'Shame on You'

Tom Hanks knows firsthand the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, so he’s not pleased with people who don’t wear face masks. The actor and COVID-19 survivor recently urged the public to do their part in curbing the spread. Read more now.
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Dr. Fauci Warns COVID-19 Cases Could Swell to 100,000 a Day in the U.S.

Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a dire warning that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States could swell to unprecedented levels if the country doesn’t get the spread under control.
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Scientists Seeing Lung Damage in Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients

Scientists at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego have found that even the lungs of asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 showed lung damage. The scientists say this is the reason more testing needs to be done.
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Resort on Coronavirus-Free Bahamas Island Costs $300,000 per Month

If you’re looking to get away from coronavirus hotspots, you can travel to one island for a hefty price. A resort on a coronavirus-free Bahamas island costs $300,000 per month.
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Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe at a Bar While Cases Spike

As the country sees spikes in coronavirus cases, the risk of contracting COVID-19 has increased in a bar setting. Here is how you can stay safe.
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Disabled Face Even More Challenges as Society Reopens

The move to reopen society may be particularly challenging for those with disabilities. As restaurants set up tables outside, on the pavement, those who find it already tough to navigate public sidewalks may find it more challenging.
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‘Friday the 13th’ Villain Jason Voorhees Stars in New PSA Encouraging People to Wear a Face Mask

Jason Voorhees from the classic horror movie ‘Friday the 13th’ stars in new PSA encouraging people to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. The ad aims to use pop culture icons and characters to spread the message. Read more.
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