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Coronavirus 360 is a special 24-hour info stream on RADIO.COM established to get updated info to Charlotte area residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.  You'll hear information about local Charlotte area topics and events as contributed by WBT News Talk 1110AM /99.3 FM, WFNZ and 107.9 The Link about a variety of topics from business closings to health updates.

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CDC Adds 6 New Possible Coronavirus Symptoms

The Centers for Disease Control added six more possible coronavirus symptoms this weekend. See what they had to say about what you could experience if you have coronavirus.
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How to Plan a Canceled or Postponed Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As engaged couples start prepping for the rest of their lives, the coronavirus is keeping them from planning. Experts weigh in on how to plan, cancel and postpone a wedding during COVID-19.
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FDA Plans to Authorize Use of Experimental Drug Remdesivir to Treat Coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant emergency use of the experimental drug remdesivir to treat patients infected with COVID-19. The news comes after the drug showed promising results in clinical trials.
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Tables Separated By Plexiglass and Other Ways Restaurants May Change Amid Coronavirus

Many people across the country are still under stay-at-home orders. Will you be separated by plexiglass? Experts are now explaining how restaurants will change.
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104-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Recovers from Coronavirus

A 104-year-old woman from New York who survived stage 4 melanoma, two broken hips, and lived through the Spanish Flu, has now also recovered from coronavirus.
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38-Year-Old Dies of Heart Attack After Refusing to Go to the Hospital Amid Pandemic

Dominick Battel woke up with chest pains but chalked it up to his regular heartburn until the pain got so intense paramedics were called. He refused to go to the ER amid COVID and died of a heart attack at 38. Read on.
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Keanu Reeves Is Auctioning Off a Private Date for Charity

Keanu Reeves wants to go on a date with you to help a great cause. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 55-year-old won’t be wining and dining anyone in person, as the interaction will be completely virtual.
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Restaurant Removes Sign Stating 'Staff Will Not Be Wearing Masks' Amid Coronavirus

After establishments were given the green light to open up indoor dining, one restaurant started making waves for a sign that said employees would not be wearing masks despite government guidelines. Read on now.
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CDC Says Every Public Activity in the Nation ‘Has Some Degree of Risk’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, otherwise known as the CDC, reported that the country might see coronavirus cases spike as states being to reopen and more people gather in groups.
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Man Beats Coronavirus After 42 Days on Ventilator and 65 Days Away From Home

Paul Canetti, a man from Sacramento, California, spent 65 days away from home battling COVID-19. The California native just shared his hospital experience.
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