A Colorado Man Choked A Mountain Lion To Death After It Attacked Him

February 6, 2019

Just the headline of this story is enough to blow your mind…an unnamed Colorado man was out for a run on Horsetooth Mountain when he was attacked by a mountain lion on Monday. According to state wildlife officials, the man was somehow able to fend off the mountain lion’s attack, wrestle it to the ground and choke it to death with his bare hands.

No one knows exactly how the man was able to accomplish this insane feat, but a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said they have no reason to believe it’s a hoax.

It’s absolutely mindblowing to think about what you’d do if you were in this siituation, and how the man’s fight-or-flight response kicked into overdrive and saved his life. The man suffered bites on his face and wrists, as well as scratched on his arms, legs and back. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Tale of the man’s story spread quickly, and everyone was so amazed that even Governor Colorado Jared Polis praised him (as well as warned others to not go out trying to copy his heroics):