What's Better Than Lunchables? Brunchables

Here's how you can get some for free

April 3, 2019

If you were ever a child who ate lunch, you probably experienced the pre-packaged delight that is Lunchables. The little cracker sandwiches and pizza-similar snacks have been a staple of elementary school cafeterias for what seems like forever. They are also, as it turns out, dabbling in the brunch game. In what looked like an April Fool’s Day joke, the brand tweeted out a picture of something called Brunchables, with a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich and little blueberry muffin.

Fair enough. Amusing April Fool’s joke from a big brand. But then @reallunchables followed it up with the news that Bruchables are no joke, tweeting “Plot twist: It’s REAL.”

Beyond the fact that they have a breakfast sandwich and a muffin, not much more information is available about the edible nostalgia. There is no release date or hints of other varieties. There is however, a chance for some Brunchable enthusiasts to get their hands on a sample before everyone else.

The brand launched the site brunchablesisreal.com where you have until April 4 to enter for a chance to win one of 100 six packs of Brunchables ahead of their launch, whenever that launch is. If you want a chance to win just head over to the website and give them your name and email address (yes, you’ll probably be receiving a few follow up emails about non-Brunchable related items, but hey, nothing in this world is actually free right). If you don’t win you can just keep following Lunchables on Twitter. Not only will you find out when Brunchables actually become available nationwide, you’ll also be tweeted to some delightful bits of snark.