All About Taylor Swift's New Album 'Folklore', Which Could Be Her Best Album Yet

Swift's surprise 8th studio album is here

July 24, 2020

Taylor Swift's dropped her new album, Folklore, at the stroke of midnight and, already, fans are adoring her new sound.

The 10-time GRAMMY winner's eighth studio album comes almost a year after she released Lover.

Swift said she wrote and recorded Folklore "in isolation," and added that she "poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings" into the songs.

Folklore is an emotionally raw album that is Taylor's most mature yet, not only through the evocative lyrics found in every song that proves she's one of the century's most talented songwriters, but through the soft rock/folk sound she experiments with that highlights a brand new side of Swift.

One example is the standout "Invisible String," which includes the gorgeous chorus "Time, mystical time/ Cutting me open, then healing me fine/ Where there clues I didn't see?/ And isn't it just so pretty to think/ All along there was some invisible string/ Tying you to me."

"Invisible String" also serves as a story of growth for Taylor, as she admits "Cold was the steel of my axe to grind/ For the boys who broke my heart/ Now I send their babies presents."

There will also be eight deluxe CD editions and eight vinyl editions available for one week to honor the fact that Folklore is Swift's eighth studio album. Taylor has also released an official video for "cardigan."

Folklore is now available everywhere.

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