The 1Thing Lauv Does in the Bathroom to Protect the Environment

It's all about the towels

November 1, 2019

Every season comes with its own environmental challenges, and we’re approaching the time of year where we might want to stay as cozy as possible for as long as possible. A long, hot shower would do the trick, but that’s not what planet earth would want you to do.

We’re heading into the bathroom to see what our some of our favorite artists are doing to be green. It’s not weird – there’s some legitimate things you can do to help the environment when you’re getting ready for your day.

“I don’t constantly wash towels; you can use a towel more than one time, definitely, and I don’t flush unless you need to,” said Lauv of the 1Thing he does to help.

“Shorter showers,” added Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era. “I feel like my showers are pretty short. They used to be longer but now it’s like, I’m trying to do other things in the day. So shorter showers and less showers, unless you smell, then shower a little longer and more often.”

Brantley Gilbert is also conscious about how much time he spends with the water pouring down on him, but he also has a little guy to worry about.

“I also keep a close eye on my son so he doesn’t flush things down the toilet,” Gilbert said. “He’s about to be two and he’s running around and that seems to be a hobby common with toddlers.

Rex Orange County also has some good advice to follow: “I don’t believe in the water on anywhere. Not when I’m cleaning my teeth - you turn the tap off.”

For more about the 1Thing you can do to protect the environment, watch our video above.

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