All our favorite mirror maze memes from Super Bowl LV

We scrolled through Twitter, so you don't have to.

February 8, 2021

Photo credit Getty Images

Yesterday was all about The Weeknd’s Halftime Show, oh and football or whatever. But today is about the memes that follow.

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With tons of memorable moments including a robot choir and an army of bandaged henchmen, there was plenty of material to choose from. But alas, there must be one that reigns supreme.

Last year it was all about Shakira’s tongue yodel thing. This year’s obsession, The Weeknd’s intentionally hectic camera while stumbling through his labyrinth of mirrors, belting out "Can't Feel My Face.”

Of course, Twitter does what it do and today we are left with countless hilarious memes that we’re mad we didn’t come up with ourselves, but more than happy to share. Obvi we couldn't share them all, but we scrolled through and found some definite winners so you wouldn't have to. Check them out below.

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