Billie Eilish Shares a Hollywood Bowl Flashback at 'We Can Survive'

Yikes, embarrassing!

October 20, 2019

Before Billie Eilish took the stage at the 7th annual We Can Survive, the singer shared with Booker of 97.1 AMP Radio, a traumatizing moment from her past at The Hollywood Bowl. Apparently, she saw Dolly Parton when she was younger and spent the entire show in the bathroom.

"I didn't know I was allergic to dairy," she said. "I ate, I don't know what, something. And a lot of it because I love that s***, and as soon as the show started I was in the bathroom for the whole show. Not even just a little bit of it. I did not see any of the show."

"I was like 8, and I had really bad separation anxiety so I couldn't be alone in there, I had to make my mom stay in the bathroom with me while I pooped by brains out," she added. "It was horrible. What's funny is every time I come by this area I get anxious, because it was really traumatizing." 

On a better note, Billie talked about how excited she is for her first world tour. She hasn't even planned it out yet. "There's so much to do now," she explained. "For so long it was these tiny rooms where we weren't allow to do anything, and now it's like, I have so much space and money."

You can watch the full talk with Billie Eilish above.

The 7th annual We Can Survive included performances from Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Camila Cabello, the Jonas Brothers, Marshmello, Becky G, Billie Eilish, and a surprise appearance from Halsey. The event raised over $135,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society.