Blake Shelton on hilarious Gwen Stefani ad: 'People still don't really understand why she's with me'

'It's confirmed: I know every contact in my phone was watching that game'

February 9, 2021

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As good as the 2021 matchup between Tom Brady and whatever army decided to stand in his way was, Super Bowl LV commercials also managed to keep fans entertained this year amid scaled-back corporate posturing.

Among our favorite ads was T-Mobile's mini-movie featuring past coach on NBC's The Voice Adam Levine setting up current coaches and soon-to-be-betrothed couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on their first blind date.

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You see the problem is, Adam was on a bad network and only heard bits and pieces of what Gwen was looking for in a man -- someone "maybe from another country," "cultured," and "not threatened by a strong, confident woman" -- culminating in Shelton showing up for a fancy dinner with a surprised Stefani.

"Are you wearing spurs? Did you ride a horse here?," Gwen grills him. To which Blake replies, shocked she's even asking, "Yeah!?"

"My phone was smoking last night," Shelton said as The Voice cast joined EW in a post-game video chat to promote the show's upcoming 20th season. "You realize, 'Oh my God, nobody has ever really watched me win an award.' I know that now. But everybody watches the Super Bowl. Now it's confirmed: I know every contact in my phone was watching that game," he explained.

"It was funny, we had a blast," Shelton said of the spot. "I thought it was a great idea... because people still don't really understand why she's with me. And fair enough, right? So, I loved being able to spin that out."

The couple is real-life engaged to be wed this year, providing health restrictions allow for a proper ceremony. Shelton has been humble about his courtship of the former No Doubt singer since they began dating in 2015, acknowledging the odd pairing more times than he can count.

Blake told RADIO.COM's Katie Neal just last month upon the release of his latest single, "Minimum Wage," "I'll talk about it all day because I'm just as shocked as anybody else... As if 2020 couldn't get any weirder, I got engaged to Gwen Stefani! Let's face it, it is what it is."

The couple has been a pleasure to watch both on-screen and candidly over the years, and the fun will surely continue in upcoming episodes of The Voice.

We've already gotten a glimpse into what's in store on the new season; “Battle Advisors” will be introduced for the first time, and Blake recently revealed why he chose his label mates Dan + Shay to be by his side saying, "I don’t know crap about harmony..." Oh, Blake.

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