Blake Shelton shares why he's not ready to run for office on 'The Voice'

Blake had a very simple reason for why he won't be a politician anytime soon

November 10, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images

Is Blake Shelton gearing up to be the next celebrity to run for political office? Probably not.

On the latest episode of The Voice, Shelton revealed he’s been distracted over the past week by the events surrounding the election. That led the Country superstar to consider a potential change in careers.

"I'm gonna quit all TV and music and run for mayor of Tishomingo, Oklahoma," he said.

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So what’s stopping him? Well, the risk of losing. "Only reason I haven't run for mayor yet is, I'm afraid I'd lose and that would be incredibly embarrassing,” Blake said with a laugh. "Maybe my mom would vote for me, that's one," he added.

While the prospect of “Mayor Blake” is certainly an entertaining one, he’s got a big life event coming up that warrants his attention. His upcoming marriage to Gwen Stefani.

Blake and Gwen broke the news of their engagement a few weeks ago after dating for five years. Gwen showed off her stunning ring the photo, something Blake had custom designed for the occasion.

“Gwen’s ring appears to feature a classic, six-prong setting with a 6-9 carat solitaire diamond set on a white gold or platinum band,” Brilliant Earth‘s SVP of merchandising and retail expansion, Kathryn Money said in an interview at the time.

Blake may have an advantage as the go to Country coach on The Voice, but a recent clip from the show has each coach chomping at the bit to share their love of Country music. “Welcome to Team Legend, the home of Country music!” John Legend exclaimed.

John and the other coaches are excited about the prospect of coaching their talent in Country music and having the chance to take down Team Blake.

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