Bride Helps Brother With Proposal at Her Wedding

November 11, 2019

Most brides stick with nailing the "I Do" portion of the wedding, but one bride used hers as a chance to set another ceremony in motion.

A new video surfaced on the internet in which one man went down on one knee at his sister's wedding. The crazy part? It was the bride's idea!

Sierra McGinty-Rush, a school librarian, married her fiance Tracey Rush on November 2 in Navastota, Texas.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the bride Sierra McGinty-Rush said, "If he proposed anywhere else, I wouldn't get to see it, so it was only right."

The video on Twitter has gained more than four million views and over ten thousand likes. McGinty-Rush's younger brother Solomon McGinty proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Baylee Gillmore, during the toss of the bouquet toss.

Instead, the bride passed the bouquet to her soon-to-be sister in law. Her brother is shown with his girlfriend's two best friends, and popped the question.

"I was trying not to cry. I mean, that's my baby brother," McGinty-Rush said.

When his sister suggested that he should do it at the wedding venue, he quickly declined. "I was like ‘But that’s your day, I don’t want to take away from you,’ but [Sierra] was like, ‘I want you to do it [at the wedding]," McGinty said.

“He means everything to me. I guess it’s good that the world sees how much I love my little brother,” McGinty-Rush said.

The siblings said that a select few of family members knew about the proposal. McGinty joked and said that he thought that his now-fiancee might have fainted.

"I’m kind of shocked. I didn’t expect people to react it to it," McGinty-Rush said.

McGinty's brother De'Von Jones filmed the video and in just one day it surpassed over a thousand views.

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