Burnout on the rise as workers face increased stress, survey finds

November 30, 2020

Our work lives have changed dramatically during the pandemic, but burnout is still proving to be a factor for employees working remotely.

In fact, 78% of workers in the Bay Area say they are as burned out now as they were one year ago, and 11% say the burnout has only gotten worse, according to a new survey from Robert Half.

“I think that the pandemic has made 2020 one of the most stressful years ever for workers, and I think that the surveys just reinforce that,” said Christina De La Cruz with Robert Half. “Obviously the stress is affecting various different roles and responsibilities regardless of occupation and industry.”

More than third of people surveyed said the stress was economic, as budgets have been cut and their coworkers laid off or furloughed. Another 27% said their schedules had become unreasonable.

“Workers unable to separate work and personal life when working remotely, about 18% indicated that that was one of the biggest factors for burnout,” said De La Cruz. “And then the workload is heavier, you know, because you’re having to take on more responsibility and wear multiple hats. About 11% of people surveyed indicated that that was a top factor.”

Her advice to managers: watch for the telltale signs of burnout, help workers prioritize and encourage them to take time off from work if they are feeling over stressed.

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