Camila Cabello Dives Into 'Romance' at 'We Can Survive'

More new music, pretty please!

October 20, 2019

Backstage at We Can Survive, Camila Cabello tells Booker from 97.1 AMP Radio her secret to success, singles!

The artist shared how she prefers to put out singles and create the full experience around one song rather than launching a full album all at once.

"I think that nowadays, it's better to put songs out individually," she explained. "I like all the attention going to one song at a time, a oppose to an album. I feel like songs can kind of get lost. I mean, I am releasing an album, but I'd like for the first few at least for people to just pay attention to one song individually at a time."

"What I've tried to do this era, is I've still made it an album world. I've said the album is called 'Romance' and before the songs came out I released a bunch of visuals so it doesn't feel like just songs. It feels like an experience and like a world. So I think it's kind of a mixture of both. I'm not releasing it like an album, but I'm still creating it as an experience like an album," she adds. "It's like bites of cheesecake in a night, instead of throwing it all in your mouth."

The "Easy" singer also shared how she's fangirling over the We Can Survive line-up and can't wait to meet Lizzo and Billie Eilish. Us too girl! 

The 7th annual We Can Survive included performances from Taylor SwiftLizzo, Camila Cabello, the Jonas BrothersMarshmello, Becky G, and Billie Eilish. The event raised over $135,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society.