Cardi B shows how she's handling stress during election

Stressed AF

November 4, 2020

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This election is stressing Cardi B out. How stressed you ask? Three cigarettes at once stressed. Yeah, that stressed.

On Tuesday morning, Cardi B woke up before even the birds start chirping to cast her vote, no seriously it was like 5AM, and chilly might we add. Afterwards, she took to Instagram to encourage others to get out and do their patriotic duty as well.

In a selfie video captioned, "Nice and early!!! and there was ten people on line. GO VOTE,” Cardi urged her followers to go vote. “Hey guys. I voted. It was easy-peasy. The hardest part was getting out the f****** car," Cardi exclaimed while sitting in the backseat of a car. “S***, go vote because you will feel like you — I don't know, it feels good after you voted. You feel like you just did something. I don't know. I swear, it's like a weird feeling. So just go out there. My district where I was at, the community center was nice and warm. I hope your community center's nice and warm and comfortable. And yeah, go vote, you f******!”

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But clearly once Cardi got home, the excitement subsided and the rapper’s stress level went from 0 to100, real quick. She once again took to Instagram to inform us. In another video post wearing a fur coat, looking fierce might we add, Cardi takes a puff of not one, not two, but three cigarettes at once. Alongside it the caption reads, ”How these elections got me watching these states turn red," followed by four worried face emoji.

Cardi, shared in the frustration of many voters watching the results of the neck-and-neck election race between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which is still undecided as of Wednesday (Nov. 4) morning. But for health reasons, Cardi may we suggest stress eating hot Cheetos or popcorn, something less you know, harmful.

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