COVID patient on not being able to vote in 2020 election: ‘My rights are being taken away’

November 3, 2020

A woman who tested positive for coronavirus will not be able to vote in the 2020 election.

On October 29, Idella Becks traveled on a layover flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend a family reunion, NBC News reports. She fainted on the plane.

After medics rushed onto the plane, one nurse advised her to get tested for COVID-19. When arriving in Charlotte, she tested positive for the deadly virus.

Due to being in the hospital, Becks will not return home to Missouri to cast her vote. She was registered to vote in St. Peters, Missouri.

“My rights are being taken away from me because I am here,” Becks said.

Becks expressed her sadness in not voting in the 2020 election because casting one’s vote is essential.

“And I am sad today to be here,” Becks said as she explained how she is stuck in a hospital where she needs oxygen.

The Missouri native also expressed excitement for voting in the election because she said we needed change.

“As I lay in this bed, I can’t go nowhere, I have to be confined for 15 days, I’m going to feel left out.”

She explained how getting COVID-19 opened her eyes to the dangers of the virus and how people need to head to the polls to change this country.

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