Did The Weeknd get paid for his Super Bowl Halftime performance?

The amount of money performers bring in is not what you think

February 8, 2021

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The Weeknd and his army of After Hours body doubles took Super Bowl LV by storm and delivered on the hype of a great halftime show.

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The “Blinding Lights” singer had already promised to put on a “cinematic” experience and put his money where his mouth is by spending $7 million of his own cash on the show. With all the money he invested into the show, it’d be easy to assume there’d be a huge payout waiting for him on the other side.

Unfortunately for The Weeknd, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

While representatives for The Weeknd and the show’s sponsor Pepsi declined to say how much he got paid for his performance, Forbes indicates that Super Bowl halftime performers get paid union scale, “a fraction of the six- and seven figure sums” they’re used to getting.

If performers aren’t getting a huge paycheck, what’s in it for them? For one, they get to perform in front of tens of millions, sometimes over 100 million viewers. Additionally, the NFL fronts most of the costs as Forbes estimated it to be as high as $10 million.

There’s also another factor that makes it worthwhile for artists. The exponential increase in song sales and streams following their performance.

After Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed at Super Bowl LIV, the duo saw an increase of 893% in sales of song downloads from the previous day.

As for The Weeknd, we’ve already penned an extensive write up on his career-spanning performance. From a walk down memory lane highlighting his older hits to the new songs we love, it was a performance that lived up to the excitement.

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