Happy Birthday, Millie Bobby Brown! Eleven's Best Moments on 'Stranger Things'

February 19, 2020

While there’s a lot to love about Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” it wouldn’t all hold together without Eleven at the center of it all.

Originally a subject in Project MKUltra experiments, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, escapes Hawkins Laboratory and enters the worlds of Mike, Dustin and Lucas as they look for their missing friend Will Byers.

What follows is a clash between the everyday and the supernatural, as Eleven tries to navigate her telekinetic powers while acclimating to life in normal society, with a lot of Eggos and nosebleeds throughout the journey.

To celebrate Brown's sweet 16 (her birthday is Feb. 19, 2004) and all that she’s gone through to play the beloved character, these are some of Eleven’s best moments on “Stranger Things.”

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