Instagram Users Crown Missouri Mom as Meghan Markle's Doppelganger

January 31, 2020

One mom is getting a lot of attention because of her striking resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Akeisha Land became an overnight sensation after a photo she posted on Instagram with her daughter Greyson made people do a double-take.

Comments began pouring in telling Land that she was Meghan’s doppelganger.

One comment read: “Even I had to sit here and say, ain’t that Meghan Markle?”

Another user called Land and Meghan “twins.”

Land was initially surprised by the reaction on Greyson’s account. The mom-of-two runs the account, which is filled with pics of her adorable daughter and a few family photos.

She explained that she’s used to her daughter getting the spotlight, but now, she’s embracing the attention and thinks the comparisons are flattering.

“I think she's gorgeous so to be mistaken for a royal is definitely quite a compliment,” Land told E! News.

She also joked that she can see herself being a body double in the future. With all that’s happening now following Markle and Prince Harry’s exit as senior royal members, a stand-in might come in handy.

“If they want me to go to a party as her, I'm your girl,” she joked.

She admitted that the positive attention has even motivated her to become more active on social media. “I am going to start to try to be more in front of the camera. Yes, I definitely want to put myself out there more and not just my kiddos,” she said.

On Friday morning, Netflix announced that "The Crown," its historical drama about the royal family, would end after season 5.

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