Hayley Williams Is Asking (Not So) Nicely: Stay Out of Nashville, 'Our People Are Dying'

'Plan your bachelorette party somewhere else this time'

August 5, 2020

Paramore singer turned solo artist (for now) Hayley Williams has released an impassioned plea for tourists to refrain from visiting her hometown of Nashville, TN amid growing COVID-19 spikes nationwide, especially in Music City.

Hayley is taking out the trash on public officials for letting “tourists crawl all over” the city's downtown party section. “What I’m about to post, I think, should be required viewing for anyone who plans on making a selfish, quick getaway to Nashville, Tennessee in the middle of a f****** global pandemic,” Williams said on her Instagram Story on Monday.

“The numbers are skyrocketing pretty much everywhere. Nashville is no different.”

Although Mayor John Cooper announced a new public health order that required Nashville restaurants to shut by 10PM at the end of July, that hasn't stopped revelers from partying in public or in private.

“Our people are dying, our local businesses are suffering,” she told her followers. “Please don’t come to Nashville. Plan your bachelorette party somewhere else this time,” Williams added. "It’s not the time.”

Sharing video from a press conference held by local small venue owners who say they are in danger of closing forever, Hayley made her point again.

“Our governor, our mayor, local officials will not listen... In fact, they arrest peaceful protesters who are masked, but they let tourists crawl over Lower Broadway drunk and hanging out the sides of party buses,” Williams concluded. “Like, that’s not even Nashville. If you really believe in Nashville, don’t come here until this s*** is handled.”

Williams has been using her social platforms to discuss, dissect, and help enact social change for years, most recently taking on toxic masculinity and sexual abuse in the music industry.

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