How to order a Hot Cocoa Cold Brew from Starbucks to get in the holiday spirit

November 17, 2020

The holiday and Christmas season is quickly approaching.

While pumpkin spice season is still here, if you’re in the yuletide mood you can get cozy and order a festive beverage off of the Starbucks secret menu.

It’s not too early to add the Hot Cocoa Cold Brew to your favorites at coffee giant.
Many of the hidden items have been released in the past, but this specific one comes from


• Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
• Mocha Sauce
• Toasted White Mocha Sauce
• Chocolate Curls Topping
• Chocolate Powder

Here’s how to order the Hot Cocoa Cold Brew

• Order the Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew with only two pumps of vanilla

• Ask for 4 pumps of mocha and one pump of toasted white mocha

• Finally, ask for chocolate powder and chocolate curls on top

Earlier this month, Starbucks unveiled its famous holiday drinks and cups. The coffee chain rolled out more seasonal items, including a reusable color-changing cup that is Christmas-ready.

“Starbucks new Holiday Color Changing Cup offers a festive twist to the fan-favorite drinkware, transforming from green to red when the cup contains hot liquid,” read the description for the cups, which are going for $3 each.

Starbucks other new holiday offerings include a 6-pack of ornately designed color-changing cups ($16.95 for the set), a Glitter Cold Cup Set ($18.95 for all 5), a Bubble Mint Cold Cup ($18.95), a reusable Stripe Straw Pack ($7.95), and a Red Cup Ornament ($7.95).

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