How to Safely Have Friends Over This Summer

June 30, 2020

    As summer approaches, parts of the country are still dealing with COVID-19 cases spiking.

    More stores are open for pickup while hiking trails and beaches are welcoming active sun-seekers again. Some may ask, is it safe to have friends over this summer?

    Paul E. Turner, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University and a part of the microbiology faculty at Yale School of Medicine, told Today that if you're going to have friends over, spend time outdoors with them.

    Turner explained if someone is spreading the virus, the wind outdoors will scatter it around.

    "That risk is just so much lower outdoors," he said. "It's not zero, but it's much lower."

    The professor urged people to practice social distancing still while hanging out with friends and family. Turner said it is essential not to share utensils, food and beverages with your peers.

    If you are hosting a barbeque, it is fine to share a grill, but make sure to ask your guests to bring their beverages.

    As for having guests over, most likely, they will ask where the bathroom is. Party hosts should have some paper towels on the side so people can turn the faucet on and off, while also using them to open and close the door.

    "That's really the primary way that the virus seems to be moving from person to person," Turner said.

    As long as you practice physical distancing precautions, you can see your friends.

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