Jason Momoa surprises a 7-year-old 'Aquaman' fan battling cancer with heartwarming video call

November 23, 2020

Aquaman was there for his biggest fan when he needed him.

Jason Momoa, who starred as the titular superhero, surprised Danny Sheehan, a 7-year-old with cancer, with a call on Wednesday.

In the video that has now gone viral, the Massachusetts boy exudes pure joy as he unwraps a gift of an Aquaman figurine.

“Oh, my God! My favorite one!” he shouts, adding, “I love Aquaman!”

His mother, Natalie Shaw Sheehan, said that it was a group effort to ensure that Momoa saw the video.

“So many people posted and forwarded the video on various platforms and worked to utilize connections they may have had to get the video to Jason Momoa,” she told Insider.

“I never thought it would happen and then it did! Within a day, we had word that Jason wanted to talk to Danny. It was surreal,” she explained.

Natalie said that Danny did not know he was about to have a Facetime chat with his idol. According to the outlet, the parents told their son that Aquaman might reach out after learning how much he’s admired “through his special powers," but that it wasn't guaranteed because he's a “busy guy saving the world and the ocean.”

But Aquaman is not the type to let his fans down!

Once the video ended up on Aquaman’s sonar, he immediately jumped at the chance to talk to Danny.

In the video, posted to Momoa’s Instagram. Danny couldn’t contain his excitement, and the feeling was definitely mutual as Momoa responded, “You are so beautiful. I'm excited.”

Danny told Momoa about his love of dolphins, which prompted the actor to say: “I’ve been riding on dolphins. It’s super fun. We should try that some time!”Momoa also asked if Danny would join him to swim with sharks.

After the call, the 41-year-old thanked the community, friends, and family on Instagram for “reaching out and showing me this beautiful boy Danny who is going through chemo and has cancer.”

He added: “I saw his video online that made me want to get in touch and FaceTime him and spend some time talking to him.”

He also asked his fans to read more about Danny’s story and donate to his GoFundMe at the link included in his bio.

In 2017, Danny was diagnosed with pinealoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer.

“We have exhausted essentially all potential options for treatment over the past (almost) four years of nonstop treatment,” his mother told the outlet, noting that they’ve tried stem-cell transplants, chemotherapy, and radiation.

"I would imagine that many parents with a terminally ill child don't look forward to the future when they know their child will no longer be by their side," she said, adding, "And they fear their child being forgotten by others. And that their memory will not live on as inertia of life pulls people forward, and the silence where laughter used to be."

However, she expressed gratitude for Momoa, explaining: "we have had this experience and we know that Danny has touched so many lives. That brings comfort."

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