EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Brothers and Becky G Share Their Favorite 'Shower' Songs at 'We Can Survive'

What has them singing in the suds?

October 20, 2019

Both Becky G and the Jonas Brothers were a part of RADIO.COM’s 7th annual We Can Survive at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, raising money for the American Cancer Society and rocking the stage at the iconic venue. Backstage though, the two had questions for each other in the exclusive video above.

“If we had to ask any artist a question, it would probably be Becky G,” Nick Jonas admitted before the trio performed. “You released a song, and it was about singing in the shower, and my question is what’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?”

Becky G was flattered to get a question from the “Sucker” singers, singing a few bars of “Burnin’ Up” in celebration. “Ok JoBros, seriously, I’m even just fangirling that you guys wanted to ask me a question.”

“I like oldies, like Etta James songs and songs I can just like belt at the top of my lungs and not care if they sound really crazy,” Becky G responded, smiling that trademark infectious smile. “There’s an Etta James song called ‘All I Could Do Is Cry.’ Sounds very emotional. It’s kind of like an Adele crying in the rain moment.”

At last, now that we know what Becky G sings while she gets “So Fresh, So Clean,” but what about those Jonas Brothers?

“Mine is the one-man-show version of ‘Les Misérables,’” Nick said with a grin, which is impressive if true.

“Mine is the one-man-show version of ‘Cats,’” Joe Jonas offered up. “I don’t know any of the music, I just go ‘meow’ for an hour and a half.”

“You take an hour and a half long shower?” Kevin Jonas rightly questioned. “That’s fantastic.”

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The 7th annual We Can Survive featured Becky G and the Jonas Brothers, along with Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Marshmello. The event raised over 135,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society.

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