Kacey Musgraves, Troye Sivan, and a spectacular mullet star in 'Easy' video

Troye's new do is a show-stopper

December 10, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images

Troye Sivan’s early holiday gift to all of us this year is a 2.0 version of his song “Easy.” The remixed single comes off of his newest EP In A Dream, but this time the pop sensation enlists a little help from Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson. When I say “yee,” you say “haw”!

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The freshly debuted “Easy” short film comes with one more spectacular special guest that fans never saw coming. Yes, we are indeed referring to Sivan’s full-blown mullet… leaving us wondering if Tish Cyrus was on set as the official hairstylist. Actually, the mullet can be credited to Sivan's stylist, Charlie Le Mindu.

Troye’s new cut ties in perfectly with the ongoing theme in the video. From dive bars to dank motels, the “My My My!” singer tells Vogue, “Kacey and I are sort of like runaways. We've separately had our own experiences... regrets, scorning our lovers... and we find solace in each other.” He adds that the mullet look, "just kind of makes sense aesthetically in my mind."

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While Troye effortlessly commands the room with his 1980s-approved, shag, Musgraves also has her own blonde box-dye moment in the motel room that further characterizes the essence of “Dime Store Cowgirl” meets a couple of runaways vibes.

As the duo is reeling together over broken relationships in the one-horse town depicted in the music video, the visual piece is still tinged with glamour thanks to Musgrave’s inherent edgy elegance and the dazzling glow of Nashville-based Drag Queen, Jorgeous. 

What we can conclude from “Easy” Pt. II is that Troye’s mullet is here to stay, Kacey and Sivan make the chicest runaways ever, and we’d be kind of down to hit the road with Spacey Kacey and Troye.

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