Kane Brown shows off the whole family in perfect photo

There is a lot of warmth to be had in the Brown family

January 26, 2021

Photo credit Getty Images

It’s always about “FAMILY” for 27-year-old Country star, Kane Brown.

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The “Homesick” singer took to Instagram over the weekend to show off a sweet family photo, and of course, Brown’s dogs were featured too. The professional portrait of Brown and his wife Katelyn shows off their sweet 15-month-old, baby girl, Kingsley as the family is gathered together in a beautiful wooded setting.

As Kane’s two German Shepard’s sit beside him we see that the artist is even wearing a baseball cap that reads, “FAMILY.”

The cheerful image perfectly demonstrates what is most important to the artist and he even follows up with a caption that reads “FAMILY,” alongside a red heart emoji.

Kane has always emphasized that “his girls” always come first. Katelyn and Kane met in 2015 and were engaged two years later. Katelyn has also used her Instagram to show off her affection relationship with her daughter and underscore the importance of family.

Clearly, the Brown family knows how to have fun and keep things cheerful even when options for activities are still limited. The couple recently shares a comical video where they imitate each other doing their favorite quarantine activities.

Between fun and family, Kane and Katelyn are raising their baby in a home obviously filled with friendship.

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