Kanye West Wants a Meeting With JAY-Z and an Apology From Drake and J. Cole

Yeezus continues airing grievances on Twitter

September 15, 2020

Kanye West and his Twitter fingers had a lot to say yesterday. For one he’s demanding for a public apology from Drake and J.Cole, and claiming a whole lot more, lets break down Ye’s latest rant.

In his latest bout of tweets Kanye not only called out the Drake and Cole, he also compared himself to slave rebellion leader Nat Turner and claimed that he will not be releasing any new music until he is released from his contracts with Sony and Universal. The since deleted tweets read, “I need a publicly apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately … I’m Nat Turner … I’m fighting for us.”

And as for what he had to say to the labels, “I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal,” he tweeted. “On God … in Jesus name … come and get me.”

Nat Turner wasn’t the only comparison his made, in another tweet that no longer exists, he  dubbed himself “the new Moses,” comparing the music industry and the NBA to “modern day slave ship.”

Ye also let us know he wants some one on one time with his one-time bestie, JAY-Z, "I'm waiting to meet with Sean Carter," unknowingly misspelling his name, and apologizing for it immediately after, "my bad I meant Shawn ... no disrespect to my big bro.” As the tweeting spree continued, Kanye seemed very adamant about spreading the message to “buy land.”

For the most part, Kanye focused his tweets (well the ones he didn't delete) on his apparent grievances with Sony and Universal, and with the arrival of a new day, came the arrival of more tweets. On Tuesday morning, Kanye continued to drop both knowledge and receipts on the Twitter-verse, “No one from Universal or Sony has responded so it’s Go time,” he captioned a screenshot of a text convo with an un-known party.

Kanye’s attempts seemed to have worked as he received an offline response from whoever he sought out with his tweets. “Hey everyone we’re making progress... I’ll keep everyone updated on how this meeting with Vivendi goes…,” he tweeted moment ago along with another screenshot of a text.

Guess now all there is to do is wait, and ferociously refresh Twitter to see what will unfold.

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