Kesha Drops a Wonderfully Weird Tribute to Nicolas Cage

An ode to the actor and his roles

March 26, 2020

Kesha is keeping things going while social distancing, serving fans up some fun via social media and even offering some new music.

This week the High Road singer dropped a one-minute sample of a song called “Nicolas Cage,” name-checking the actor and some of his iconic roles. In a video that features a paint and glitter encrusted Kesha, she raps about Leaving Las Vegas and samples a classic Cage quote.

“I'm a national treasure, I make it rain in the desert,” she sings. “I got an octopus, I got a pyramid, if you think I'm extra I'm on some Nicolas Cage s***.”

“Nicolas Cage” is just one of the many gifts that the “Raising Hell” star has posted over the past few days, bringing her infamous Jerry Seinfeld moment back to life in which Jerry didn’t want to hug her on the red carpet, adding “NOW I GET IT,” in the era of social distancing.

She also gave us all this “Tik Tok” hand-washing tutorial, that we will never be able to shake.

In January, Kesha released her 4th album, High Road, mixing some of her original “dollar sign” sound with the newfound vulnerability and honesty she tapped into on 2017’s Rainbow.

“I chose that as the title of the record because it has many meanings,” she told RADIO.COM in October. “I feel like as a human being, morally, I try to take the high road. People may assume that that’s what the entirety of the record is about, but in fact, the song itself is about people who like to try to bring you down and talk s***.”

“Sometimes you just got to stay above it, sometimes you gotta just get really high and laugh about it,” she smiled. “In a sense, I take the high road but in a sense, I definitely am not taking the high road in that song. So, the irony of the title is why I chose that to be the name of the record.”

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