Man Driving Lawn Mower on Highway Arrested With DUI Charge

August 11, 2020

An allegedly intoxicated man was arrested after police pulled him over for driving a lawn mower on the highway in central Florida.

“I have had maybe a little too much to drink tonight,” Paul Burke told police when he was pulled over, reports Click Orlando.

Video shared by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office shows Burke, a Fort McCoy resident, slurring his words after police pulled him over for driving his mower in the middle of Highway 316.

The man refused to take a field sobriety test after being asked by the officer.

“There’s no sense in it,” Burke said. “Because I’ve been drinking.”

Burke did try asking if he could just receive a ticket and be on his way, but to no avail.

“So I’m going to ask you one more time if you want to do these exercises,” the deputy in the video says.

“No sir, just take me to jail,” Burke replies.

Burke complied when the officer asked him to turn around and put his hands behind his back.

According to deputies, Burke has a suspended license from three prior DUI convictions.

“Driving a lawnmower in the middle of a road where the speed limit is 55mph is dangerous and illegal,” deputies wrote in the Facebook post. “Add being drunk into the mix, it can be come fatal.”

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