Order in the Toy Store: Mattel Introduces New Judge Barbie Doll

October 8, 2019

All rise! Judge Barbie is taking the bench!

Mattel unveiled its newest offering: the Barbie Judge Doll, its 2019 Barbie Career of the Year Doll.

The company announced the new doll in a post on their official Twitter account on Monday.

"The verdict is in!" the tweet read. "With over 200 careers since 1959, this year Barbie takes the stand as a Judge! The Barbie Judge Doll encourages girls to learn more about making decisions to change the world for the better."

Order in the Toy Store: Mattel Introduces New Judge Barbie Doll
Photo credit (Mattel)

The company said the doll is one step of its 60-year mission to show girls they have “choices and encourage imagination, expressions, and discovery through play.” By introducing a Barbie that takes the stand, the company hopes to inspired girls to one day sit on the bench and make decisions that can change the world.

Each doll comes with a gavel and a round block that children can use to help Judge Barbie call the room to order. Barbie will be wearing a black robe with a lace collar that can be removed to show her floral dress.

The Barbie Dream Gap Project is an initiative to raise awareness and gives young girls the motivation and confidence to be whomever they are. Barbie has partnered with GoFundMe to raise money for nonprofits that support female empowerment.

In conjunction with Women’s Equality Day, Mattel honored civil rights icon Rosa Parks with a Barbie in her likeness.

Mattel Releases Iconic Barbies for Women's Equality Day
Photo credit (Mattel)

"Barbie knows that showing girls more role models (historical and present) and telling their stories can help close the Dream Gap. Last year, the original girl empowerment brand announced the Barbie Dream Gap Project, a multi-year global initiative to raise awareness around limiting factors that prevent girls from reaching their full potential," Mattel said in a statement.

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