EXCLUSIVE: MAX Shares the Real Life Story Behind 'Love Me Less'

And all the underwear info you need from the video

August 8, 2019

Every detail of the “Love Me Less” video from MAX was planned. From the colors, to the monkeys, even the underwear was meticulously discussed and debated before releasing the vibrant video.

“The underwear I was wearing was just black Calvin Klein” smiles the 27-year-old singer. “I should have just worn a yellow banana hammock, but next time I’ll do that.”

“You wouldn’t have seen it anyway, but you would have known in your heart it was there.”

“Love Me Less” is another track ripped right from the life of MAX, and in the exclusive interview above he details how the slinky song came to be.

Just as “Lights Down Low” was written for his wife, “Love Me Less” was written about his wife and how the couple handled an old flame trying to burn down what they had built.

“I had this ex that wasn’t happy with our breakup” starts MAX. “My wife is British, and the ex called me one day and she threatened to get my wife deported. It was this really intense moment where I knew she didn’t mean it, I didn’t know why she said it. I didn’t take it seriously but I also knew it was a very serious thing to say, so I told her it was not cool.”

Noting that he didn’t think it was a real threat, MAX mentioned it to his wife Emily. Emily took it much more seriously, and “freaked out.”

“I really felt like our relationship was at risk of not being what it was, and changing,” shifts MAX, with the weight of that moment entering into his voice. “That’s when I wrote the song. I hoped that she wouldn’t love me less for this baggage that I brought to the relationship that she didn’t ask for.”

Emily and MAX managed to find a path past the drama, and “Love Me Less” stands as a story about communication and understanding. Also, it’s a jam.

“You work it out. The right people love you more for your problems and your baggage, and insecurities and they don’t love you less.”

For much more from MAX including the making of the “Love Me Less” video featuring Quinn XCII, watch the full interview above.