Woman reunited with dog missing for 3 years: 'I just lost it'

December 10, 2020

Photo credit Rachel Pierson/ WBBM


When Debra Mejeur lost her dog, Lola, in October 2017, she never thought she would see her furry friend again.

But thanks to a microchip, DuPage County Animal Services reunited Mejeur and her husband, Steven, with Lola on Saturday.

Mejeur lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was visiting friends in Elk Grove Village in 2017 when Lola escaped from the backyard.

“We looked for her for a very long time. We printed out a hundred flyers and posted them throughout Elk Grove Village and we had to rely mostly on social media, Facebook, and word of mouth," Mejeur said.

Earlier this week, a Glendale Heights resident found the black Labrador mix wandering in the woods near their home.

The couple was able to bring Lola into DuPage Animal Services. That’s when staff found the microchip and were able to determine Mejeur was the owner.

“I just lost it,” Mejeur said, referring to the phone call she received from Animal Services. “I started crying.”

Animal Services Committee Chairman Brian Krajewski said this story underscores the importance of microchipping pets.

“It’s extremely important to microchip your animal. If someone comes across a stray and brings them to us, we can scan them and reunite them with the family. If you don’t microchip, it’s a lot more difficult,” Krajewski said.

Although the Glendale Heights couple wasn't at the reunion, Mejeur was incredibly thankful for their act of kindness.

“My husband and I give them our forever appreciation and gratitude and they will be a part of our lives forever,” Mejeur said.

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