Millennials Are Snatching Up 'Cheap, Old Houses' From Instagram

August 6, 2020

Using their Instagram-savvy ways and their knack for finding a bargain, millennials everywhere are using social media to make one of their first, really big purchases.

While home ownership seems like far-off dream for many millennials, some are getting crafty on the 'gram and managing to snag a bargain in what many would consider to be fixer uppers.

Cheap Old Houses, an Instagram pages dedicated to, well, cheap, old houses, is getting the attention of a younger generation with dreams of owning their own home.

"The idea of homeownership seems impossible to so many people," founder Elizabeth Finkelstein says. "Some people are tired of pushing paper and staring at pixels all day. They dream of working with their hands. The site helps people realize that it's not so off-kilter to think you can attain these things."

The purpose of the Instagram account and website is to showcase homes under $100,000 that need a little work. It's geared towards a community of people who are passionate about restoration projects.

The Instagram hit its 1-million-follower milestone and continues to grow week-over-week.

While Cheap Old Houses showcases homes all over the country, many young couples and singles alike have found themselves willing to live outside of their initial parameters in the name of snatching the house of their dreams.

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