29-Year-Old Nurse Diagnosed With Brain Cancer While Helping Coronavirus Patients

July 7, 2020

    A 29-year-old nurse who dedicated his life to helping others is now in need of help.

    Ian Youngblood, a former firefighter, left his home in to help treat coronavirus patients in New York City.

    Youngblood was battling the novel virus on the frontlines for three months when he started experiencing “excruciating pain” that consisted of sudden headaches, nausea, and seizures, reports People.

    A GoFundMe page created by his loved ones revealed he was admitted to the ICU at White Plains Hospital where he underwent testing. After doctors found a large mass in his brain, he underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Days later, he was diagnosed with Grade IV Glioblastoma, a rare, terminal brain cancer that kills more than 10,000 Americans a year, per the publication.

    "Ian has opened his heart and hands, gaining new loved ones and families as he worked to help others fight their battles, and now he needs our help to fight for him," a description on the donation page says.

    The GoFundMe page notes that Youngblood was uninsured at the time and will rely on “available aid” to pay for treatment.

    While there is no known cure for Grade IV Glioblastoma, there are clinical trials available. Treatment may also consist of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, which Youngblood believes will help slow the cancer and save his life.

    “Chemo is gonna be expensive and we’re gonna try to really attack that tumor,” he told KNXV.

    He has since returned home to Phoenix, Arizona to undergo treatment surrounded by his family, friends, and dog.

    Even with his health at risk, Youngblood is thinking about others and hopes he’ll be able to rejoin the fight against coronavirus to help those that rely on him.

    “I mean COVID is still ramping up all over the place,” he said. “It’s a calling, you know. If I am feeling well enough I may volunteer to go to Texas where cases are skyrocketing."

    More than $100,000 has been raised since the creation of the GoFundMe page four days ago. The money will help cover medical bills and living expenses.

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