Our 6 Favorite Moments From Kesha's New 'High Road' Album

All the ways we love Kesha 3.0

January 31, 2020

“Kesha got her balls back, and they’re bigger than ever,” the singer warned in the trailer for her new album, High Road, out everywhere today. “So have a good time while you’re on this road trip from hell.”

Everything is bigger than ever, and sincerely better on the 4th LP from Kesha, taking the classic dollar sign sound and mixing it with the maturity of 2017’s Rainbow. This is Kesha 3.0, an evolution that combines her unflinching style that first made us fall in love with her, with the vulnerability and honesty that helped her out of personal pain and reclamation. As it turns out, as much as we’ve enjoyed each of those eras, Kesha was destined to mix the two for another level of Pop excellence.

High Road finds Kesha at her best, shifting from nightlife revelry seamlessly into reminiscing and working through her own struggles. Through most of it there’s a smile and a shake, but leaving room for tender moments and revealing truths. This is elevated and exceptional, pure joy from an artist that’s earned every inch.
These are our five favorite moments from Kesha’s High Road.