Our totally unbiased, extremely professional review of Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' Oreos

'Take a bite, take a bite'

February 11, 2021

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There is one feeling that comes to mind when you hear the words “Chromatica” and “Oreo,” and that is pure “JOY!”

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Last spring, in the midst of what is now an 11-month pandemic, Lady Gaga unleashed her infectious sixth studio album on the world and little monsters everywhere were uplifted with the joyous sensation that many experience when Gaga delivers new music. Not only were fans thrilled by the release of the album, but the tracks themselves contained dance-heavy, disco-pop beats that could only evoke euphoria.

It only makes sense that for further promotion of the album, Gaga teamed up with Oreo Cookies, the cookie sandwiches, that when eaten, also unleash copious amounts of joy.

Putting her own Chromatica twist on the beloved sweet treat, these vibrant pink and green Oreos exude an out of this world quality that only Mother Monster and Oreo could harness. The cookies are stamped with three different Chromatica logos, the most iconic being the Chromatica heart that represents this era of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos

Before indulging in the snack itself, one is faced with the decision to tear open the metallic hot pink Chromatica themed Oreo packaging. Pro-tip if you are an LG mega fan, consider purchasing two boxes…one to eat and one to cherish forever…or sell on eBay 20 years from now. On the packaging, we see all the Chromatica symbols and quote that reads, “In Chromatica no one thing is greater than another.”

Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreos

The limited-edition Oreos, “inspired by Lady Gaga” taste like a standard Oreo, but the experience is all in the aesthetics. The pink cookie outside perfectly complements the oozing neon green frosting on the inside. Whether you eat your Oreos whole, or pull them apart and save the frosting for last, the experience leaves you wondering “when will this cookie transport me to the love-filled planet of Chromatica!?”

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