Pastor accused of blaming COVID victim for death: ‘He died… because he has no faith’

January 3, 2021

    A family is angered over a viral video of a Michigan pastor allegedly blaming their family member’s COVID-19 death on his lack of faith.

    On December 13, Michiana Christian Embassy held a funeral service for Les Tom, ABC 57 reported. Rev. Jeffrey Whittaker’s sermon is causing the family a lot of heartaches.

    The service footage shows Whittaker discussing COVID-19 safety measures across the country and questioning why parishioners did not attend in person.

    During the sermon, Whittaker spoke about his faith throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “This is the stuff of where we are living right now, did God know COVID-19 was coming? No, no, it caught him by complete surprise,” Rev. Whittaker said.

    As the sermon continued, Whittaker allegedly called some parishioners hypocrites for not attending service in person.

    “We welcome masks, sit here, sit there,” Whittaker said. “We answered people’s questions for Sheri’s funeral and for Les’s funeral and guess what, they were liars and hypocrites and cowards.”

    However, a Facebook post written by Tom’s granddaughter, which has since been taken down, claimed that Whittaker blamed the victim for his death.

    “We do not disrespect Les; he died of COVID because he’s weak, because he has no faith,” Whittaker said during the service.

    Whittaker told ABC 57 that the comment was taken out of context, and the short clip did not show the two-hour sermon.

    The pastor said that he has attempted to reach out to the family several times since the incident.

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