6-year-old author inspires kid confidence with self-love coloring books

February 13, 2021

Photo credit Shana Danielle


Ka'Mya Shanelle is 6-years-old and already a published author.

"I am amazing. I am courageous. I am dynamic," she said, reciting her affirmations, which inspired the book. "I am brave. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am smart, and I can do anything if I put my mind to it."

She's hoping her work, and those affirmations, will inspire other children with the same self-love and confidence. Her book series is called "I Love Myself." Two volumes of the inspirational coloring book have been published to help kids from all backgrounds elevate their self-esteem. More are in store.

"We’re still working on Volume 3, Ka'Mysa said.

The coloring and activity books are suitable for all children, ages 4 and up.

"Kids in wheelchairs ... I wanted all children in my book ... for all children to inspire themselves," Ka'Mya said.

She says she was inspired by her mother, Shana Danielle, who is also a published author.

Danielle says the books reflect the diversity she and Ka'Mya wish to see everywhere.

"With only 7% of children's books being released by Black, Latino, or Native American authors, this book is especially important," Danielle said. "It doesn’t just feature female and people-of-color characters, but it was created by a proud girl who is a part of this under-represented community."

She says she’s proud of her daughter, who has been practicing affirmations since age 2.

"Children of all backgrounds star in the book, so that children who are reading and coloring don’t just see themselves, but also kids from other communities as well," Daniella said.

The South Jersey family started a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $3,000 to help give free copies of the books to Pre-K students in the area, including students in Philadelphia.

"What we discovered, when we reached out to some of the schools ... their numbers took a hit with COVID, and they couldn’t purchase enough books for all of the kids. They could only purchase enough for some," Danielle said. "We launched the GoFundMe. That way we can raise the money to donate the books to some schools that do not have Title I funding."

"We’re working our way up to 300," Ka'Mya said, referring to the number of books she’s hoping to give away.

Though she is only 6 years old, Ka’Mya has a lot of confidence and a lot to say.

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