RADIO.COM presents our 2020 Most Played

Counting down the most played artists across all RADIO.COM stations

December 16, 2020

Let’s be honest, this year we’ve all leaned into activities and hobbies that are sure to make us feel comforted. We’ve baked loaves of bread, we’ve walked countless miles around our neighborhoods, taken on at-home beauty and grooming routines, and participated in Zoom happy hours a-plenty. But the one constant that has provided us all with solace, endless possibilities, dynamic storylines, and a break from monotony has been music.

This year, as it felt like the world stopped spinning, music was the one thing that didn’t seem to stop “spinning.” Our favorite artists worked their hardest to continue to release new music and provide us with an auditory escape from reality, even when live performances were not an option. Pop stars like Dua Lipa still gave us addictive tunes that helped transform our homes into 70s inspired, mini “Studio 2054s.” Country artists such as Maren Morris uplifted and endured the days to show "The Bones" are still good, and we proved to still be a "Sucker" for artists like the Jonas Brothers and Maroon 5.

With a ton of excellent new music coming out in 2020, it offered RADIO.COM stations plenty of choices for what to play. Every time you hear a song on your favorite RADIO.COM station or the RADIO.COM app, that gets tallied as a spin. We track every single spin across our vast network of stations, which allows us to look back at the end of the year and see which artists were the most played in 2020.

We have done the math to bring you a closer look at the artists who rocked us, inspired us, and ultimately distracted us in a, say it with us, "unprecedented year." Join us as we countdown our top ten most played artists here at RADIO.COM and celebrate their achievements in a year that made accomplishing anything feel like a feat of strength. RADIO.COM presents our 2020 Most Played.

Post Malone
Photo credit RADIO.COM

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