Robert Downey Jr. Explains Why He Chose to Star in Fantasy Adventure Film 'Dolittle'

January 17, 2020

Robert Downey Jr. is known for his career-defining role as the slick-talking, powered armor suit-wearing business magnate Tony Starks in “Iron Man.”

But it's been a long time since the actor has appeared in a non-Marvel movie.

Until now. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Downey Jr. explained why he starred in Universal's newest fantasy adventure film “Dolittle.”

"It came up, and as usual I'm about to do a movie if I throw the script across [the table] and go, 'Why do they send me this garbage?,'" Downey Jr. said. "And I read it, and the script is good. And my missus [wife Susan Downey, who along with Robert is a producer on the film] is like, 'This is good.'"

Downey Jr. explained that he appreciated the challenge of the role and the unchartered territory that the film offers him as an actor.

"And I basically live on a rescue farm, and I look out and the alpacas are looking at me, and I'm like, 'All right!' And it's a new adventure, something new to try, new degree of difficulty."

The whimsical family film stars Downey as a widowed animal doctor who embarks on a quest to save England's poisoned Queen. The movie is a star-studded affair, boasting a roster that includes John Cena, Martin Sheen, Selena Gomez, Antonio Banderas and many others.

"Dolittle" opened in theaters everywhere Jan. 17.

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