SZA Blew Up Twitter Yesterday, Are We Finally Getting New Music?

The artist teased a new way to release music

May 26, 2020

SZA is back on Twitter after being locked out of her account for most of the quarantine thus far. Of course, the minute the artist announced she was back fans started blowing her up about the new music we’re all craving.

However, the tweets really started flying after the ctrl singer, tweeted her take on a new concept for sharing music. “So like a music dump... similar to a photo dump but not an album... this concept make sense to anyone? Has anyone ever done it? Asking for me”, SZA ends the tweet with a quizzical emoji.

Are we getting a mixtape, are we getting the unreleased deluxe version of her beloved ctrl , or are we getting new songs that never made it on to the 2017 album? The fans are itching to know, and also somewhat skeptical. The modern day Soul Queen has always been limited when it comes to the release of new music.

After driving the Twitter stans wild, viral sensation turned Rap producer, Jay Versace responded to SZA about sending her new beats. SZA retweeted with enthusiasm, saying she was eager for new beats from him. After seeing this interaction between Versace and SZA, fans have become even more anxious to find out what we could possibly be getting from the “Broken Clocks” singer.

Finally after pressured tweets from fans, SZA addressed what the situation was with the deluxe version of ctrl. So, could we potentially get a deluxe version of the 14-track album, yes. Has SZA given us any info on when that could happen, unfortunately, not yet. Luckily a deluxe version does exist, and this could mean new bops that never made it on to the 2017 release.

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