Tattoo artist creates amazing optical illusion on bald man's head

October 18, 2020

Who doesn't love a good optical illusion?

A tattoo artist in Utah created a black abyss on the crown of his friend's head that looks like there's a hole in his skull.

Matt Pehrson, an artist who runs the Zion Tattoo Company based in St. George, Utah, posted a photo of the trippy tattoo on Instagram.

"Did a crazy thing on my friend Ryan today," he wrote.

The DailyMail notes he drew several thick lines on Ryan's bald head inwards to the back of his skull and used clever shading to make the image really pop.

The impressive work of art has racked up over 12,000 likes.

The outlet notes Pehrson’s work typically focuses on black line drawings like mandalas, geometric patterns, and black and grey hyper-realistic portraits.

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