The Weeknd lights up the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

Starboy takes the stage in Tampa Bay

February 7, 2021

Photo credit Getty Images

Can you feel your face? No? We can't either, because The Weeknd just smashed, shattered and slayed this year's Super Bowl Halftime show, and yes those are all good things. Very vey good things.

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Once it was announced The Weeknd was set to rock this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, after our initial freak out, we speculated if head bandages would be involved, and put in songs requests, well not to him, but into the universe. And after getting us hype with his Pepsi sponsored walk down memory lane, now that the performance has happened, we gotta say, straight up, he did not disappoint.

And even though no special guests ever made an appearance, as soon as he and the blinding neon lights hit the stage, our woes went away.

Taking things to a whole other level The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, made his epic and hauntingly beautiful entrance wearing the same outfit he’s been rocking for the last year. He started of his performance off with “Starboy,” backed by a neon cityscape of robotic dancers. He had us head banging with “The Hills” next, before he had our heads spinning and our mouths singing "Can't Feel My Face," with backstage fun house mirrors fun. Speaking of faces, next thing we know we were seeing double, triple, okay actually waaaayyy more, as a mob of Weeknd clones joined the party for a bit of bandaged up face moshing.

Next, singing one of his earlier hits “I Feel it Coming,” The Weeknd had us all in our feels, and then came the fireworks. Yes, literal ones, but actually also figuratively if we’re being completely honest. And of course, the set list wouldn’t be complete without his latest single, “Save Your Tears.”

Violins helped slow down the tempo and set the mood for Abel to serenade us with “Worth It,” one of his biggest hits of all. The violins really were fire right?

Switching up the scenery, giving us some major "Thriller" vibes, the bandaged up army of Weeknds took to the field for a dance break before the man of the hour joined them for the song we’d all been waiting to bump to. Yup “Blinding Lights,” and it was a straight up party, concluding with a dreamy close up, some more fireworks and a strut of the field. From start to finish our jaws were dropped, well except for when we were singing along that is.

If for some reason you decided to peel your eyes away from the TV at that moment or if you just want to watch it again (we don’t blame you), check out The Weeknd’s Halftime performance below.

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