There's a new dating app just for bald people

November 24, 2020

This one goes out to the hopeful and hairless.

A new dating site is claiming to help the bald find love in a platform that matches those without or losing hair with people who prefer it that way.

Bald Dating is a site where "heads and personalities shine," and it's for all types of people - as long as they have little to no hair on their heads.

"Being bald can be very hard for some people and they lose their self-confidence. Bald Dating was created to show that being bald doesn't matter," the site's description reads. "There are many people who don't mind you being bald and there are even others who prefer it."

In order to join the community of bald daters, you must either be bald yourself or be down for dating someone who is.

Bald Dating features the ability to "like" people using a single button, immediately contact users you're into, and block users you're not vibing with. According to a press release, the service is free with a VIP upgrade coming soon.

The site was created by "Niche Dating Man" David Minns. You guessed it - the same man behind the infamous dating app that only pairs people with a 20-year age difference between them...or more.

Minns is bald himself, and was inspired to create the site after hearing news stories about "Hatfishing," where bald people would wear hats in profile photos, not allowing other users to see that they are, in fact, bald.

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