Watch Things Get Weird With Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner in Unearthed Kanye West Video

Director Eli Russell Linnetz dropped the clip 3 years later

September 3, 2020

For those of us who have been watching Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner slowly morph into the same person, it’s about to make a whole lot more sense.

We’re kidding of course, Kanye West’s leaked video doesn’t make much sense at all, but who cares, it’s dope, and in it Kim Kardashian seemingly gives birth to Kylie Jenner, well kind of…

Okay we’re getting ahead of ourselves, lets take a step back. On Wednesday, September 2, director Eli Russell Linnetz, we’re assuming went rogue, and surprise dropped the never before seen official music video for "Feel Me,” Kanye’s 2017 track featuring Tyga. Why now you ask? We have no idea, but it’s 2020… times are weird and so is the content, and truthfully we’ll take all of it we can get.

Let’s see, the video features motocross monster trucks, a lightening storm, a ginormous scantily clad blonde pixie cut sporting Kylie, some fairy dust, and a giant Gucci thong wearing Kim, rocking a wet blonde lob. Oh, and we almost forgot, Kayne and Tyga make an appearance here and there.

Yup, even with all that, we still haven’t gotten to the most bizarre and talked about part. In the closing scene, Kim, who seems to have grown a pair of angel wings, is seen sitting down with her legs open. Then, right before our very eyes, Kylie struts her way out of a brightly lit gateway, thoughtfully placed you know where, and as she walks towards us the screen goes dark. Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself below.

Told ya! As per usual the ladies were serving looks. Like we said before, Kim was wearing a Gucci thong and bra set, keeping her make-up pretty chill. Kylie on the other hand went bold with the glam, slaying with vibrant blue eyeshadow and pink blush. Going with a slightly more covered up look for wardrobe, rocking an iridescent cropped white tank top and matching boy-shorts (we did say slightly).

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