John Mayer to Play Two Full Sets On Tour: What Songs Has He Played Live the Most?

See the odds for having your favorite song appear on his setlist

July 16, 2019

John Mayer is readying to embark on the most gloriously “John Mayer” tour the world has ever seen. After lending his talents to play with Dead & Company, the “Gravity” singer is stepping back into the spotlight in the best way possible.

For the first time in his two decades of making music, John Mayer is hitting the road with no opening act and two full sets of solo music. A three-month run kicks off July 19 in Albany, NY. “Two full sets of music allows me to make sure everybody gets what they came for,” he shared to social media.

Click here for a full list of tour dates.

With dozens of tracks in a catalogue that spans through years of consistent hits, Mayer has plenty of material to choose from. The singer-songwriter is catering to young fans brought on by his personality and hilarious “New Light” music video, along with longtime listeners captivated by classics like “Daughters.”

Can you expect to hear your favorite John Mayer song live? We’re hoping two full sets will cover at least 30 songs, so here are the 30 tracks that have appeared on his setlist the most- according to While all the expected tracks appear, fans have also begged for rarities like the elusive “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” to appear during his extended performance.

30. “Dear Marie,” Paradise Valley (122 plays)

29. “Heartbreak Warfare,” Battle Studies (127 plays)

28. “Come Back to Bed,” Heavier Things (131 plays)

27. “Cross Road Blues,” Robert Johnson cover (133 plays)

26. “Comfortable,” Inside Wants Out EP (134 plays)

25. “Love Song for No One,” Room For Squares (141 plays)

24. “Queen of California,” Born and Raised (147 plays)

23. “Something’s Missing,” Heavier Things (149 plays)

22. “City Love,” Room For Squares (153 plays)

21. “Free Fallin’,” Tom Petty cover (160 plays)

20. “Good Love Is On the Way,” Try! (John Mayer Trio) (184 plays)

19. “Daughters,” Heavier Things (193 plays)

18. “83,” Room For Squares (201 plays)

17. “Half of My Heart,” Battle Studies (202 plays)

16. “Clarity,” Heavier Things (206 plays)

15. “Back to You,” Room For Squares (229 plays)

14. “3x5,” Room For Squares (234 plays)

12. “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You),” Continuum (280 plays) (tie)

“Belief,” Continuum (280 plays) (tie)

11. “Who Says,” Battle Studies (282 plays)

10. “My Stupid Mouth,” Room For Squares (308 plays)

9. “Neon,” Room For Squares (317 plays)

8. “Bigger Than My Body,” Heavier Things (322 plays)

7. “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” Continuum (332 plays)

6. “Vultures,” Continuum (392 plays)

5. “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” Room For Squares (442 plays)

4. “Waiting on the World to Change,” Continuum (446 plays)

3. “Gravity,” Continuum (461 plays)

2. “No Such Thing,” Room For Squares (572 plays)

1. “Why Georgia,” Room For Squares (624 plays)

While the songs he plays most frequently are skewed towards albums that have been out the longest, newer tracks like “I Guess I Just Feel Like,” “New Light,” “Changing,” and “In the Blood” are also very likely to be played this tour.