The Biggest Wedding Etiquette Rules You Need To Follow

May 9, 2019

Wedding day is about two people who are ready to devote their lives to each other. If you’re important enough to them that they’d invite you to be a part of their special day, then you owe it to them to not be a jerk!

Reader’s Digest has a list of wedding etiquette rules that you should absolutely follow:

1) Always RSVP.
No one likes to be that person who declines an invitation, but it should be less about your awkwardness/laziness and more about making sure the couple can plan their big day around an accurate head count.

2) Plus One Means Plus ONE.
If they aren’t you or your designated plus one, they aren’t invited. You don’t get to bring as many people as you want...again, it’s not about you!

3) Cool It With The Pictures.
With everyone having at least a smartphone camera at their fingertips these days, there will never be a shortage of wedding day memories. However, it’s rude to be that person who’s holding up their phone (or heaven forbid an iPad) during a ceremony to get pictures and video, and getting in the way of the actual photographer who’s getting paid to do that.

4) Hold Off On Social Media.
The etiquette rule is that you shouldn’t post pics and video from the wedding until the couple does so. This one is tricky though, given how quickly we look to post things on social as a society. Also, what happens if the couple is too busy to post anything at all throughout the day? While the other rules above are a must, this rule seems far less likely to be followed these days.


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