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hatfishing dating trend

Don't Get Caught Hatfishing

Balding men are wearing hats on dating apps to hide it from potential a fellow bald man, Bandy's here to tell men to embrace their baldness! Read More
thanksgiving 2020

Staying Safe During Thanksgiving 2020

If you're planning on traveling or visiting with people you haven't been quarantined with this year, we talk about some of the precautions you should be taking to keep yourself and your family safe this Thanksgiving. Read More
MeowTalk cat chat app

Chat with the Cat App

An engineer has created an app that can decode your cat's meows...maybe Ramona will love cats now that she knows what they're saying? Read More
ramona holloway wheezy holy water

Hoarding The Holy Water

Ramona's mom Wheezy has her own religious of them including having held onto a bottle of holy water for various occasions. Read More