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deer attack

Attack of The Deer

A woman got into trouble after a deer she'd been feeding attack one of her neighbors...this is why Ramona says you should stay away from wild animals! Read More
chores are sexy

Chores Are Sexy

Apparently seeing your partner do chores around the house is a turn on...we've got a list of the chores that are most likely to get you in the mood! Read More
your dog smells

Your Dog Smells

They're man's best friend, but some of them aren't smelling so hot...are you in the more than 52% of dog owners whose furry friend stinks up your house? Read More
amy harris chips

Amy's Stealing The Chips

Have you ever accidentally tried to leave a store without paying? Matt's wife Amy did while trying to buy hundreds of bags of chips, so she joined us to tell her embarrassing story. Read More
Matt is Super Dad

Top 5 Superpowers Parents Wish They Had

90% of Parents Would Want a Superpower to Help them with Parenting The fact that 90% of parents want a superhero power is surprising. The surprising part is that it is NOT 100%! Seriously?! 1 out of 10 of you are passing on a superpower? The number one choice was invisibility. I wonder if the... Read More