10 Songs for Every Kind of Valentine's Day

We've Got the Perfect Track for Everything from Galentine's Day to Meeting That Creep from Tinder

February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays where the day means something different to everyone. Some will spend the day on Tinder, but really be busy hating on all of the other couples around them. Others will be staring into the eyes of their lover (human or canine) on Wednesday night. 

Luckily, however, there is a song for every type of Valentine's Day. So we made the ULTIMATE playlist for EVERY type of "Modern Valentine's Day" you could be experiencing this week:

10. When the person you were talking to on Tinder for less than a day asks you out for Valentine's Day. 
Sometimes you're talking to someone, and they're cool. Then they ask you out right away, and that's a little weird. But it's even creepier when they ask you out for Valentine's Day.

9. When you're so in love that your "fast food" Valentine's Day dinner seems incredibly romantic.
Ahh, romance is eating dinner with your sweetie while the sounds of that indoor playground are blaring all around you.

BONUS: When Valentine's Day comes right after you got your income tax return.
Go ahead, and live a little this Valentine's Day! This one is on Uncle Sam's dime.

8. When your "friend with benefits" is busy on Valentine's Day.
Nobody likes it when their plans fall through, and having to find a backup plan can be tough at the last minute. 

7. When you start typing that text message to your ex to say "I miss you."
Don't do it.

BONUS: When you contemplate getting revenge on your ex by texting his new girl.
"I don't trust nobody, and nobody trusts me." Oops!

6. When you're spending Valentine's Day with the girls to celebrate "Galentine's Day." 
Ladies, you know guys everywhere are super jealous of your pajama party tonight. 

BONUS: When you miss "Galentine's Day" because you were... distracted?
"I wish I had a better excuse... but I was busy thinking about boys." Sorry, girls, the guy I was talking to on Tinder came over, and I lost track of time?

5. When you cancel on your date at the last minute.
Don't look back, honey. Don't look back. You do you!

4. When you're spending Valentine's Day with your dog.
There is no better companion tonight, right? Come on, Scruffy, you can sleep in the bed tonight. Cuddle time!

3. When you've seen the third engagement photo of the day on your Instagram feed.
Ugh. There is no SAFE place today to avoid seeing this stuff. 

2. When you just started seeing that new guy, but you think he may be special. 
You totally know it's serious because you even deleted Bumble for him. 

1. When your Valentine's Day means waiting for the candy sales to start the drug store on February 15.
It's OK. Those chocolate covered hearts get us all hot and bothered too. 

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